we are regeneration

give church another chance. 

maybe you tried church for a while, and it just didn’t work for you. maybe you’ve felt judged, or you’ve been hurt by church before. maybe you have some bad habits you haven’t quite kicked. maybe you have real questions that need real answers—but no one wants to hear them. 

the truth is: you’re not alone.

that’s why we’re creating an new kind of church with you in mind. It’s called regeneration, and it’s simply a group of messy people taking another shot at doing “the church thing” the way Jesus invited us to do it: with honesty about ourselves, compassion for others, and a real desire to make our community a better place for everyone.

the good news is, church isn’t perfect. you shouldn’t have to be either. we want you to come exactly as you are.

regeneration is making its home in Warren, we meet each Sunday evening at 6PM at 1128 State Road NW in Warren (44481). for more info, just get in touch with us to find out more, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@beregeneration) or Instagram (@regeneration_oh).